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The website is being revamped (December 2019 onwards) in an attempt to make it easier to navigate on different sized screens and different platforms and the following notes show what has been intended. It is compatible with Google Chrome and Android browsers but some important features are not supported by Internet Explorer 11. Windows Edge from Microsft supports all of the features and is available from the Microsoft website - it will also work on earlier versions of Windows from Windows 7.


General Principles

Please e-mail any problems, comments are suggested improvements to the Webmaster at the address at the bottom of this page.


Hints and Tips


Use of what3words to locate places

Accuracy of what3words entries on this website


Website Layout - Finding Things

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Notes on Using Accommodation Page

By default, all accommodation and services are listed under each location with the number of entries displayed against each one. The entries themselves can be shown by clicking the Show button on the left.

By hovering or clicking on the vertical Filter Entries button on the left, a set of categaries are shown on a fly-out menu and these can be selected or de-selected as required. This will update the display to show only those categaries requested.

Each entry in the Accommodation page shows the O.S. grid reference of the entry (unless it is a service that is only available by phone or internet).


Reporting Problems with the Website

For any problems encountered with the website or any other comments regarding its construction, please contact the webmaster George Tod at: webmaster@cambrianway.org.uk