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Cambrian Way Maps and GPX Files

Overall Map of Cambrian Way Route

Overall Map



Map of Wild Wales

Wild Map



Map of Wales - Geology


Geology Table



Ordnance Survey Paper Maps covering Cambrian Way Route

Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure and Explorer maps at 1:25,000 are recommended. Although the outlay is considerable at 7.99 each, (minimum of nine required), most are double sided. The latest edition was especially timed to show all public access land, and are better value than the 1:50,000 Landranger maps, which do not show enough detail and are all single sided. The 1:250,000 map of Wales gives the whole picture and is useful for planning and distant view identification.

Outdoor Leisure and Explorer Maps 1:25,000 Scale

Map Type / No. Title
Explorer 151 Cardiff & Bridgend (see note 1 below)
Explorer 152 Newport & Pontypool
Explorer OL 13 Brecon Beacons National Park Eastern Area
Explorer OL 12 Brecon Beacons National Park Western Area
Explorer 187 Llandovery
Explorer 213 Aberystwyth & Cwm Rheidol
Explorer 214 Llanidloes & Newtown (see note 2 below)
Explorer 215 Newtown & Machynlleth
Explorer OL 23 Cadair Idris & Bala Lake
Explorer OL 18 Harlech, Porthmadog & Bala
Explorer OL 17 Snowdon

Landranger Maps 1:50,000 Scale

Map Type / Number Title
Landranger 171 Cardiff, Newport & surrounding area
Landranger 161 Abergavenny & the Black Mountains
Landranger 160 Brecon Beacons
Landranger 147 Elan Valley & Builth Wells area
Landranger 135 Aberystwyth & surrounding area
Landranger 124 Dolgellau & surrounding area
Landranger 115 Snowdon & surrounding area

Note 1 Explorer Map 151 is required for the nine miles from Cardiff Castle to the Rhymney Valley Ridgeway at Rudry. Alternatively there is an online OS Maps service provided by the Ordnance Survey where the missing section can be downloaded and printed in limited detail for FREE or in full detail by subscription.

Note 2 Explorer Map 214 is required for less than 3km of the route, just past the summit of Plynlimon. This could be walked using the guidebook only or the missing section can be printed using the OS Maps Service as above. A grid reference of SN814876 in the 'Search' field will get to the area and the map can be zoomed, positioned and printed.

Grid Numbering on 1:25,000 Maps

Ordnance Survey maps have grid numbers printed at 10km intervals along each axis. This means that a folded map in a map case has only about a 30% chance of having grid numbers visible on both axes. To avoid having to remove maps from the map case whenever a grid reference is required, it is recommended that repeat numbering is marked on the maps close to the route wherever necessary, before commencing the walk.



Download O.S. 1:25,000 Maps of Route

During the initial phase of the lauch of the new Cicerone Guide in July 2019, MS Word documents can be downloaded for each stage of the route together with any optional routes for that stage (MS Word 1997-2003 format has been used for compatibility with older computers as well as new ones). They consist of a set of A4 O.S. 1:25,000 Map sheets superimposed with headings and page numbers and vary from one page to ten pages depending on the length of the stage and the number of optional routes for that stage. The colour quality has been reduced from 24 bit colour to 256 colours and the jpeg quality has been reduced to 50% to reduce the size of the download files but the legibility has not suffered too much as a result.

These are made available courtesy of Ramblers O.S. Licence but this may not be continued indefinitely depending on cost.

See GPX Files (New Route) for details of Stage distances and walking times.

Note: Apologies for the fact that the OS Maps software that was used to produce these maps only allows one route to be shown at a time, hence there is considerable overlap in alternative routes which makes them less convenient and wastes more space.

O.S. 1:25,000 Maps for Cicerone Guidebook Route
Stage Nos. Route Download File (.doc) Updated
1 Cardiff - Machen CWStage1MapRevC1
(4 pages - 5.0Mb)
2 Machen - Pontypool CWStage2MapRevC1
(3 pages - 3.4Mb)
3 Pontypool - Abergavenny CWStage3MapRevC1
(3 pages - 3.2Mb)
4 & 4A Abergavenny - Capel-y-ffin CWStage4MapRevC1
(4 pages - 4.0Mb)
5 & 5A Capel-y-ffin - Crickhowell CWStage5MapRevC1
(5 pages - 4.3Mb)
6, 6A, 6B & 6C Crickhowell - Storey Arms CWStage6MapRevC1
(10 pages - 8.6Mb)
7, 7A & 7B Storey Arms - Glyntawe CWStage7MapRevC1
(5 pages - 5.7Mb)
8 Glyntawe - Llandovery CWStage8MapRevC1
(4 pages - 3.6Mb)
9 & 9A Llandovery - Ty'n-y-cornel CWStage9MapRevC1
(6 pages - 8.2Mb)
10 & 10A Ty'n-y-cornel to Claerddu CWStage10MapRevC1
(4 pages - 3.4Mb)
11 Claerddu to Ponterwyd CWStage11MapRevC1
(3 pages - 2.8Mb)
12 Ponterwyd to Dylife CWStage12MapRevC1
(3 pages - 2.46Mb)
13 & 13A Dylife to Dinas Mawddwy CWStage13MapRevC1
(5 pages - 5.0Mb)
14 Dinas Mawddwy to Bwlch Llyn Bach CWStage14MapRevC1
(2 pages - 2.1Mb)
15, 15A, 15B & 15C Bwlch Llyn Bach to Barmouth CWStage15MapRevC1
(6 pages - 6.1Mb)
16 & 16B Barmouth to Cwm Bychan CWStage16MapRevC1
(5 pages - 5.0Mb)
16/17A Bad-weather route to Moelfryn following Taith Ardudwy Way CWStage16-17AMapRevC1
(4 pages - 4.0Mb)
17 & 17B Cwm Bychan to Maentwrog CWStage17MapRevC1
(3 pages - 3.0Mb)
18 Maentwrog to Beddgelert CWStage18MapRevC1
(3 pages - 3.0Mb)
19 Beddgelert to Pen y Pass CWStage19MapRevC1
(2 pages - 2.2Mb)
20 Pen y Pass to Ogwen CWStage20MapRevC1
(1 page - 1.0Mb)
21 & 21A Ogwen to Conwy CWStage21MapRevC1
(5 pages - 4.8Mb)

Ordnance Survey Online Maps

The Ordnance Survey have now replaced their Getamap service by OS Maps.

There are three levels of access to the service giving different facilities as follows:

  1. Guest - FREE service with a very limited range of facilities: Zoomable map with contours but without footpaths and limited detail of natural features, plus Aerial Map, Directions, Places and Route Plotting but not Saving, Importing or Exporting. Attempts to use most other facilities result in redirection to a Login/Registration/Subsciption Page.
  2. Registered User - FREE service with a limited range of facilities: Zoomable map with contours but without footpaths and limited detail of natural features, plus Aerial Map. Includes A4 printing and Importing, Creating and Exporting of GPX Files.
  3. Subscriber - Access to the full range of facilities and 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 maps as well as unlimited A3 or A4 printing for a 19.99 annual subscription or 7.99 for one month, though this may increase as more facilities are added.

For those planning to walk the Cambrian Way, this could be a more economical way of obtaining maps of the route than buying paper maps and it may be worth paying the subscription fee for the convenience of printing customised map sections of the route. It must also be remembered that printer consumables add to the cost, and some printers are considerably more expensive to run than others. There is also the disadvantage that prints from inkjet printers can be ruined if they get wet, whereas those from laser printers are more durable.

Further information about OS Maps is available on the GPX Files section below.



GPX Files of Cambrian Way (New Route)

These files correspond to Cicerone guidebook. There have been a number of route changes since the previous guidebook and any Cambrian Way trail marking encountered reflects these new routes. The Stages correspond to the Stages in the Cicerone guidebook rather than the arbitrary 'Sections' that were used for the old guidebook.

Walking time is given using Nasmith's Rule of 3mph plus 30mins per 1000ft of ascent. The second figure is for 2.5mph plus 45mins per 1000ft of ascent, which is more likely with a heavy pack and/or rough terrain. Rest breaks are not included in these. This is not an exact science and measurements have been rounded off.

The following files can be downloaded and imported into the Ordnance Survey's OS Maps Service or into any other mapping software or GPS unit that supports this format. To download these files, just click each link. Internet Explorer may offer options to Open or Save but other browsers may just save the file. Files are normally saved in your Downloads folder unless another folder has been selected.

GPX Files for Cicerone Guidebook
Stage No. Route Download File (.gpx) Updated
1 Cardiff to Machen CW Stage 1 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 15.2ml (24.4km) - Total Ascent: 1570ft (480m) - Total Descent: 1440ft (440m) - Time: 6-7¼hr
2 Machen - Pontypool CW Stage 2 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 11.6ml (18.7km) - Total Ascent: 2720ft (830m) - Total Descent: 2520ft (770m) - Time: 5¾-6¾hr
3 Pontypool - Abergavenny CW Stage 3 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 12.3ml (19.8km) - Total Ascent: 1890ft (580m) - Total Descent: 2080ft (640m) - Time: 5-6¼hr
3A Gentler Descent of Blorenge CW Stage 3A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Optional Route
Distance: 1.6ml (2.6km) - Total Ascent: 170ft (50m) - Total Descent: 800ft (240m) - Time: ½-¾hr
4 Abergavenny - Capel-y-ffin CW Stage 4 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 13.3ml (21.4km) - Total Ascent: 3700ft (1130m) - Total Descent: 2850ft (870m) - Time: 6¼-8hr
4A Bal Bach - Llanthony - Capel-y-ffin CW Stage 4A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Llanthony
Distance: 4.7ml (7.6km) - Total Ascent: 620ft (190m) - Total Descent: 1250ft (380m) - Time: 2-2¼hr
5 Capel-y-ffin - Crickhowell CW Stage 5 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 16.5ml (26.5km) - Total Ascent: 3110ft (950m) - Total Descent: 3860ft (1180m) - Time: 7-9hr
5A Y Das - Pengenffordd - Pen y Manllwyn CW Stage 5A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Pengenffordd
To Pengenffordd: Distance: 3.2ml (5.2km) - Total Ascent: 230ft (70m) - Total Descent: 1450ft (440m) - Time: 1¼-1½hr
From Pengenffordd: Distance: 2.8ml (4.4km) - Total Ascent:  1580ft (480m) - Total Descent: 130ft (40m) - Time: 1¾;-2¼hr
6 Crickhowell - Storey Arms CW Stage 6 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 20.8ml (33.5km) - Total Ascent: 5630ft (1720m) - Total Descent: 4490ft 1370m) - Time: 9¾-12½hr
6A Blaen-dyffryn Crawnon - Talybont on Usk - Craig Chwareli CW Stage 6A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Talybont on Usk
To Talybont: Distance: 5.6ml (9km) - Total Ascent: 400ft (120m) - Total Descent: 1450ft (440m) - Time: 2-2½hr
From Talybont: Distance: 5.8ml (9.4km) - Total Ascent: 2660ft (810m) - Total Descent: 720ft (220m) - Time: 3-4hr
6B Blaen-dyffryn Crawnon - Danywenallt - Craig Chwareli CW Stage 6B GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Danywenallt
To Danywenallt: Distance: 4.1ml (6.7km) - Total Ascent: 330ft (100m) - Total Descent: 1190ft (360m) - Time: 1½-2hr
From Danywenallt: Distance: 5.6ml (8.9km) - Total Ascent: 2460ft (750m) - Total Descent: 710ft (220m) - Time: 3¼-4¼hr
6C Blaen-dyffryn Crawnon - Abercynafon - Torpantau Pass CW Stage 6C GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Abercynafon
To Abercynafon: Distance: 3.5ml (5.6km) - Total Ascent: 360ft (110m) - Total Descent: 1110ft (340m) - Time: 1¾-2½hr
From Abercynafon: Distance: 2.1ml (3.4km) - Total Ascent: 940ft (290m) - Total Descent: 40ft (10m) - Time: 1½-1¾hr
7 Storey Arms - Glyntawe CW Stage 7 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance:11.8ml (18.9km) - Total Ascent: 2250ft (690m) - Total Descent: 3040ft (930m) - Time: 5-6¼hr
7A Storey Arms - Brecon YH - Rhos Dringarth CW Stage 7A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Brecon YH
To Brecon YH: Distance: 1.7ml (2.8km) - Total Ascent: 110ft (30m) - Total Descent: 560ft (170m) - Time: 2-2¼hr
From Brecon YH: Distance: 2.3ml (3.6km) - Total Ascent: 1020ft (310m) - Total Descent: 40ft (10m) - Time: 1¼-1¾hr
7B Fan Gyhirych - Bwlch Giedd CW Stage 7B GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Direct Route Omitting Glyntawe
Distance: 4.4ml (7.1km) - Total Ascent: 1720ft (520m) - Total Descent: 1730ft (530m) - Time: 2¼-3hr
8 Glyntawe - Llandovery CW Stage 8 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 18.4ml (29.7km) - Total Ascent: 4460ft (1360m) - Total Descent: 4930ft (1500m) - Time: 8¼-10¾hr
8A Llyn y Fan Fach - Llanddeusant CW Stage 8A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Low Level Road Route to Llanddeusant
Distance: 2.5ml (4.1km) - Total Ascent: 40ft (10m) - Total Descent: 1240ft (380m) - Time: ¾-1hr
9 Llandovery - Ty'n-y-cornel CW Stage 9 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 16.1ml (26km) - Total Ascent: 2850ft (870m) - Total Descent: 2030ft (620m) - Time: 6¾-8½hr
9A Nant Lluest-fach - Soar  y Mynydd - Nantymaen Junction CW Stage 9A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Road Option avoiding Boggy Moor
Distance: 5.5ml (8.9km) - Total Ascent: 1270ft (390m) - Total Descent: 830ft (250m) - Time: 2½-3¼hr
10 Ty'n-y-cornel to Claerddu CW Stage 10 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 14.6ml (23.4km) - Total Ascent: 2700ft (820m) - Total Descent: 2250ft (690m) - Time: 6¼-7¾hr
10A Garn Gron - Pontrhydfendigaid - Strata Florida CW Stage 10A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Pontrhydfendigaid
To Pontrhydfendigaid: Distance: 3.7ml (6km) - Total Ascent: 180ft (50m) - Total Descent: 1360ft (420m) - Time: ¾-1¼hr
From Pontrhydfendigaid: Distance: 2.3ml (3.6km) - Total Ascent: 1020ft (310m) - Total Descent: 40ft (10m) - Time: 1¼-1¾hr
11 Claerddu to Ponterwyd CW Stage 11 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 14.8ml (23.9km) - Total Ascent: 2970ft (910m) - Total Descent: 3740ft (1140m) - Time: 6½-8¼hr
12 Ponterwyd to Dylife CW Stage 12 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 14.8ml (23.7km) - Total Ascent: 1330ft (920m) - Total Descent: 2550ft (780m) - Time: 6½-8¼hr
13 Dylife to Dinas Mawddwy CW Stage 13 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 23ml (37km) - Total Ascent: 4820ft (1470m) - Total Descent: 5720ft (1740m) - Time: 10-12¾hr
13A Commins Coch - Cemmaes - Wind Farm CW Stage 13A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Cemmaes
To Cemmaes: Distance: 2.1ml (3.4km) - Total Ascent: 390ft (120m) - Total Descent: 510ft (160m) - Time: 1-1¼hr
From Cemmaes: Distance: 2ml (3.2km) - Total Ascent: 1140ft (350m) - Total Descent: 20ft (10m) - Time: 1¼-1¾hr
14 Dinas Mawddwy to Bwlch Llyn Bach CW Stage 14 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 9.6ml (15.4km) - Total Ascent: 3830ft (1170m) - Total Descent: 3210ft (980m) - Time: 5-6¾hr
15 Bwlch Llyn Bach to Barmouth CW Stage 15 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 12.4ml (19.9km) - Total Ascent: 4080ft (1240m) - Total Descent: 4170ft (1240m) - Time: 5¾-7½hr
15A Bwlch Llyn Bach - Minffordd - Penygadair CW Stage 15A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Minffordd
To Minffordd: Distance: 2.1ml (3.3km) - Total Ascent: 0ft (0m) - Total Descent: 580ft (180m) - Time: 1-1¼hr
From Minffordd: Distance: 2.9ml (4.8km) - Total Ascent: 3000ft (920m) - Total Descent: 420ft (130m) - Time: 2½-½hr
15B Rhiw Gwredydd - Kings YH - Llynnau Cregennen CW Stage 15B GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Kings YH
To Kings: Distance: 2.2ml (3.6km) - Total Ascent: 200ft (60m) - Total Descent: 1740ft (530m) - Time: ¾-1hr
From Kings: Distance: 2.2ml (3.6km) - Total Ascent: 640ft (200m) - Total Descent: 170ft (50m) - Time: 1-1½hr
15C Bwlch Llyn Bach - Gau Graig CW Stage 15C GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Gentler Ascent of Cadair Idris Option
Distance: 2ml (3.2km) - Total Ascent: 1450ft (440m) - Total Descent: 170ft (50m) - Time: 1½-2hr
16 Barmouth to Cwm Bychan CW Stage 16 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 14.1ml (22.8km) - Total Ascent: 5530ft (1680m) - Total Descent: 5000ft (1530m) - Time: 8½-10¾hr (including 1hr extra for difficult terrain)
16B Llyn Hywell - Cwm Nantcol - Road near Moelfryn CW Stage 16B GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Note: Stage 16A no longer exists as it has been renamed as Stage 16/17A to match the Guidebook.
Bad Weather Escape Route
Distance: 7.8ml (12.6km) - Total Ascent: 760ft (230m) - Total Descent: 1890ft (580m) - Time: 3-3¾hr
16/17A Bwlch y Rhiwgyr - Road near Moelfryn CW Stage 16-17A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Rhinog Bad Weather Option via Taith Ardudwy Way
Note: this was previously named Stage 16A but has been renamed as Stage 16/17A to match the Guidebook.
Distance: 17.4ml (28km) - Total Ascent: 2720ft (830m) - Total Descent: 3490ft (1060m) - Time: 7¼-8hr
17 Cwm Bychan to Maentwrog CW Stage 17 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 9.8ml (15.8km) - Total Ascent: 2700ft (820m) - Total Descent: 2230ft (980m) - Time: 5½-7hr (including 1hr extra for difficult terrain)
17B Road near Moelfryn - Trawsfynydd - Bryntirion CW Stage 17B GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Trawsfynydd
To Trawsfynydd: Distance: 2.1ml (3.4km) - Total Ascent: 180ft (50m) - Total Descent: 130ft (40m) - Time: 1-1¼hr
From Trawsfynydd: Distance: 4ml (6.5km) - Total Ascent: 250ft (80m) - Total Descent: 420ft (130m) - Time: 1½-1¾hr
18 Maentwrog to Beddgelert CW Stage 18 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 13.7ml (22km) - Total Ascent: 4390ft (1340m) - Total Descent: 4320ft (1320m) - Time: 7-8¾hr
18A S of Tanygrisiau Reservoir - Tanygrisiau - Llyn Stwlan CW Stage 18A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Tanygrisiau
To Tanygrisiau: Distance: 1.1ml (1.8km) - Total Ascent: 200ft (60m) - Total Descent: 170ft (50m) - Time: ½hr
From Trawsfynydd: Distance: 2.7ml (1.7km) - Total Ascent: 750ft (230m) - Total Descent: 0ft (0m) - Time: 1-1¼hr
19 Beddgelert to Pen y Pass CW Stage 19 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 10.8ml (17.3km) - Total Ascent: 4500ft (1370m) - Total Descent: 3440ft (1050m) - Time: 5¾-7¾ hr
19A E of Bryn Dinas - Bryn Gwynant YH - Clogwyn Melyn CW Stage 19A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Bryn Gwynant YH
To Bryn Gwynant: Distance: 1ml (1.6km) - Total Ascent: 180ft (50m) - Total Descent: 130ft (40m) - Time: ½hr
From Bryn Gwynant: Distance: 1.1ml (1.7km) - Total Ascent: 50ft (10m) - Total Descent: 150ft (50m) - Time: ½hr
20 Pen y Pass to Ogwen CW Stage 20 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 5.4ml (8.6km) - Total Ascent: 2670ft (810m) - Total Descent: 2870ft (870m) - Time: 4-5hr (including 1hr extra for difficult terrain)
20A Bwlch Tryfan - Tryfan Summit - Bwlch Tryfan CW Stage 20A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Tryfan Summit Option
To Tryfan Summit: Distance: 0.4ml (0.7km) - Total Ascent: 600ft (180m) - Total Descent: 20ft (10m) - Time: ½-¾hr (allowing for slow progress)
From Tryfan Summit: Distance: 0.4ml (0.7km) - Total Ascent: 50ft (10m) - Total Descent: 600ft (180m) - Time: ¼-½hr (allowing for slow progress)
21 Ogwen to Conwy CW Stage 21 GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Main Route
Distance: 19.0ml (30.5km) - Total Ascent: 5180ft (1580m) - Total Descent: 6120ft (1870m) - Time: 9-11½hr
21A Tal y Fan Ridge - Rowen YH - near Maen Penddu CW Stage 21A GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Accommodation Option Rowen YH
To Rowen YH: Distance: 1.2ml (1.9km) - Total Ascent: 110ft (30m) - Total Descent: 1130ft (350m) - Time: ½hr
From Rowen YH: Distance: 1ml (1.7km) - Total Ascent: 720ft (220m) - Total Descent: 140ft (40m) - Time: ¾-1;hr
Full Cardiff - Conwy CW Full Route GPS RevC1 01/03/2019
Full Main Route
Distance: 298ml (479km) - Total Ascent: 73,010ft (22,250m) - Total Descent: 73,010ft (22,250m) - Time: 136-174hr
Note: This file is too big for many older devices



GPX Files of Cambrian Way (Old Route)

These files correspond to the A.J. Drake Guidebook 7th Edition. The Cicereone Guidebook has a number of route changes and any Cambrian Way Trail Marking encountered reflects the new routes.

Walking time is given using Nasmith's Rule of 3mph plus 30mins per 1,000ft of ascent. Note; With a heavy pack and/or rough terrain plus rest breaks it is likely to take considerably longer. This is not an exact science and measurements have been rounded off.

Some GPS units will not accept routes with more then 250 waypoints, so split sections have been included with names ending in 'X' or 'Y' for larger files.

The following files can be downloaded and imported into the Ordnance Survey's OS Maps Service or into any other mapping software or GPS unit that supports this format. To download these files, just click each link. Internet Explorer may offer options to Open or Save but other browsers may just save the file. Files are normally saved in your Downloads folder unless another folder has been selected. Alternatively (last updated 13/08/2017) will download a zip file containing all the GPX files.

< /tr>
GPX Files for A.J. Drake Guidebook 7thth Edition
Section No. Route Download File Updated
1 Cardiff to Risca CambWaySect1.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route - minor corrections added 08/07/2016
Distance: 18.0ml (28.9km) - Total Ascent: 2,600ft (793m) - Total Descent: 2,450ft (746m) - Time: 7hr 15min
2 Risca to Abergavenny CambWaySect2.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route - minor corrections added 08/07/2016
Distance: 20.5ml (33.0km) - Total Ascent: 3,800ft (1,160m) - Total Descent: 3,800ft (1,160m) - Time: 8hr 40min
2X Risca to Pontypool CambWaySect2X.gpx 08/07/2016
First Part of Section 2 for GPS limited to 250 waypoints.
Distance: 8.5ml (13.6km) - Total Ascent: 1,835ft (560m) - Total Descent: 1,640ft (500m) - Time: 3hr 42min
2Y Pontypool to Abergavenny CambWaySect2Y.gpx 08/07/2016
Second Part of Section 2 for GPS limited to 250 waypoints.
Distance: 12.0ml (19.4km) - Total Ascent: 1,965ft (599m) - Total Descent: 2,154ft (657m) - Time: 4hr 58min
3 Abergavenny to Capel-y-ffin CambWaySect3.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route - minor corrections added 08/07/2016
Distance: 13.4ml (21.6km) - Total Ascent: 3,690ft (1,125m) - Total Descent: 2,840ft (866m) - Time: 6hr 15min
3A Accommodation Diversion to Llanthony CambWaySect3A.gpx 28/09/2012
Alternative route for accommodation
Distance: 1.4ml (2.3km) - Total Ascent: 55ft (17m) - Total Descent: 960ft (293m) - Time: 0hr 29min
4 Capel-y-ffin to Crickhowell CambWaySect4.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route. The last half a mile to the summit of Twmpa is not clearly defined, though a number of faint tracks can be picked up along the way. Minor corrections added 08/07/2016.
Distance: 16.3ml (26.2km) - Total Ascent: 3,055ft (931m) - Total Descent: 3,805ft (1,160m) - Time: 6hr 53min
4A Accommodation Diversion to Pengenffordd CambWaySect4A.gpx 28/09/2012
Alternative route for accommodation
Distance: 2.9ml (4.7km) - Total Ascent: 95ft (29m) - Total Descent: 1,520ft (464m) - Time: 1hr 0min
5 Crickhowell to Storey Arms CambWaySect5.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route. This is a very demanding section to complete in one day. A detour to Danywenallt Y.H. or Talybont-on-Usk is generally preferable. Several sections of the route are undefined, though paths can be picked up for most of the way. Updated to follow Beacons Way onto Craig Cwareli instead of crossing rough ground. Minor corrections added 08/07/2016.
Distance: 21.0ml (33.7km) - Total Ascent: 6,020ft (1,835m) - Total Descent: 4,870ft (1,485m) - Time: 9hr 53min
5X Crickhowell to Torpantau Pass CambWaySect5X.gpx 08/07/2016
First Part of Section 5 for GPS limited to 250 waypoints.
Distance: 13.7ml (22.1km) - Total Ascent: 3,050ft (929m) - Total Descent: 1,950ft (929m) - Time: 6hr 4min
5Y Torpantau Pass to Storey Arms CambWaySect5Y.gpx 08/07/2016
Second Part of Section 5 for GPS limited to 250 waypoints.
Distance: 7.0ml (11.3km) - Total Ascent: 2,970ft (905m) - Total Descent: 2,920ft (891m) - Time: 3hr 49min
5A Talybont Variant CambWaySect5A.gpx 28/09/2012
Alternative route for accommodation, either at Danywenallt Y.H. or in Talybont-on-Usk.
Distance: 12.4ml (20.0km) - Total Ascent: 2,510ft (766m) - Total Descent: 1,630ft (498m) - Time: 5hr 22min
6 Storey Arms to Llanddeusant (road crossing near Talsarn). CambWaySect6.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route. Updated with minor changes by road crossing at SN853202. Further minor corrections added 08/07/2016.
Distance: 16.3ml (26.2km) - Total Ascent: 4,305ft (1,312m) - Total Descent: 4,670ft (1,424m) - Time: 7hr 28min
6A Llwyn-y-celyn Hostel Variant and Ystradfellte Variant CambWaySect6A.gpx 02/08/2015
Alternative routes for accommodation. Considerable sections of this route are undefined, though paths can be picked up in some parts. Alongside Ystradfellte Reservoir there are several tracks at different heights running in parallel. The lower ones have deep dips where they cross many small streams, whereas the ones higher up the hillside afford easier crossings. Updated to cross River Neath by old footbridge near Blaen-nedd-isaf Farm as shown in guidebook (no right of way to new footbridge through farm land and old footbridge has not been removed as previously thought).
Distance: 19.0ml (30.6km) - Total Ascent: 4,435ft (1,352m) - Total Descent: 3,510ft (1,070m) - Time: 8hr 30min
6B Llanddeusant Hostel Variant CambWaySect6B.gpx 08/07/2016
Alternative route for accommodation. Although this is an alternative route, it is highly recommended for the fine views of Llyn y Fan Fach, if time permits. Updated to follow Beacons Way from near Llyn y Fan Fach to Llanddeusant (disputed access on previous route). Further minor corrections added 08/07/2016.
Distance: 5.0ml (8.0km) - Total Ascent: 165ft (50m) - Total Descent: 1,310ft (400m) - Time: 1hr 44min
6C Sarn Helen Variant CambWaySect6C.gpx 08/06/2017
Alternative route following Roman Road. This route turns off the Main Route at Bryn Melyn to follow the old Roman Road of Sarn Helen, joining back up with Ystradfellte Variant near Blaen-nedd-isaf Farm, thus avoiding about 4 miles of rough walking, though not offering any accommodation.
Distance: 4.0ml (6.4km) - Total Ascent: 320ft (98m) - Total Descent: 700ft (213m) - Time: 1hr 29min
7 Llanddeusant (road crossing near Talsarn) to Rhandirmwyn CambWaySect7.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route - minor corrections added 08/07/2016
Distance: 15.1ml (24.4km) - Total Ascent: 2,110ft (643m) - Total Descent: 2,825ft (861m) - Time: 6hr 4min
8 Rhandirmwyn to Strata Florida CambWaySect8.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route. Involves about 2 miles of difficult walking over rough and boggy ground beyond Ty'n-y-cornel Hostel. Route here is undefined, but keeping to higher ground helps to avoid bogs. Updated with diversion round Nant y Maen Farm. Further minor corrections added 08/07/2016.
Distance: 19.2ml (31.0km) - Total Ascent: 3,360ft (1,024m) - Total Descent: 3,095ft (944m) - Time: 8hr 3min
8A Soar y Mynydd Variant CambWaySect8A.gpx 28/09/2012
Alternative route. About half a mile longer but with easier walking (about 2.5 miles on minor road).
Distance: 5.5ml (8.9km) - Total Ascent: 1,045ft (318m) - Total Descent: 620ft (188m) - Time: 2hr 20min
8B Pontrhydfendigaid Variant CambWaySect8B.gpx 28/09/2012
Alternative route for accommodation. First 1.5 miles of route is undefined, though some faint paths can be picked up from time to time.
Distance: 5.0ml (8.0km) - Total Ascent: 165ft (50m) - Total Descent: 1,310ft (400m) - Time: 1hr 44min
8C Tregaron Variant CambWaySect8C.gpx 14/08/2011
Alternative route for accommodation.
Distance: 5.0ml (8.0km) - Total Ascent: 140ft (43m) - Total Descent: 1,040ft (317m) - Time: 1hr 43min
9 Strata Florida to Devil's Bridge CambWaySect9.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route. Paths are now better defined, though boggy in places. Amended to avoid very boggy area towards Domen Milwen.
Distance: 14.7ml (23.6km) - Total Ascent: 2,720ft (879m) - Total Descent: 2,660ft (812m) - Time: 6hr 13min
10 Devil's Bridge to Dylife CambWaySect10.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route. Some sections of route are not clearly defined, particularly that for about a mile from Source of Severn until track to Bugeilyn is picked up. Minor corrections added 08/07/2016.
Distance: 19.8ml (31.9km) - Total Ascent: 4,325ft (1,317m) - Total Descent: 3805ft (1,160m) - Time: 8hr 42min
11 Dylife to Commins Coch CambWaySect11.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route. Some short sections are not clearly defined, particularly at the head of Cwm Ednant. Path from SN853983 to SN861987 now follows trcck on south side of fence. Other minor corrections added 08/07/2016.
Distance: 9.5ml (15.3km) - Total Ascent: 1,840ft (561m) - Total Descent: 2,850ft (869m) - Time: 4hr 2min
12 Commins Coch to Dinas Mawddwy CambWaySect12.gpx 08/07/2016
Main Route. Some sections of route are not clearly defined, particularly the right of way alongside the wind farm and also over hillside from SO873099 for about half a mile. Other minor corrections added 08/07/2016.
Distance: 13.6ml (21.8km) - Total Ascent: 2,720ft (829m) - Total Descent: 2,610ft (795m) - Time: 5hr 50min
12A Cemmaes Variant CambWaySect12A.gpx 08/07/2016
Alternative Route for accommodation. Minor corrections added 08/07/2016.
Distance: 5.2ml (8.4km) - Total Ascent: 3,105ft (946m) - Total Descent: 1,130ft (344m) - Time: 3hr 13min
13 Dinas Mawddwy to Barmouth CambWaySect13.gpx 13/08/2017
Main Route. This is a very demanding section to complete in one day and a detour for accommodation at Minffordd or King's Youth Hostel is generally preferred. Minor amendment made 25/8/2014 to avoid fences at Bwlch Llyn Bach. Further minor corrections added 08/07/2016 and 13/08/2017.
Distance: 21.6ml (34.7km) - Total Ascent: 6,560ft (2,000m) - Total Descent: 6,845ft (2,086m) - Time: 10hr 20min
13X Dinas Mawddwy to Bwlch Llyn Bach CambWaySect13X.gpx 13/08/2017
First Part of Section 13 for GPS limited to 250 waypoints.
Distance: 9.0ml (14.5km) - Total Ascent: 3,470ft (1,039m) - Total Descent: 2,785ft (849m) - Time: 4hr 39min
13Y Bwlch Llyn Bach to Barmouth CambWaySect13Y.gpx 08/07/2016
Second Part of Section 13 for GPS limited to 250 waypoints.
Distance: 12.6ml (20.2km) - Total Ascent: 3,155ft (962m) - Total Descent: 4,090ft (1,247m) - Time: 5hr 41min
13A Minffordd Alternative Route to Cadair Idris CambWaySect13A.gpx 13/08/2017
Alternative Route - either for accommodation or to take the more spectacular Minffordd Path to Cadair Idris. Minor amendments to show footpaths alongside A470.
Distance: 5.2ml (8.4km) - Total Ascent: 3,105ft (946m) - Total Descent: 1,130ft (344m) - Time: 3hr 13min
13B King's Hostel Variant CambWaySect13B.gpx 13/08/2017
Alternative route for accommodation - Footpath diversion round Ty'n Llidiart Farm. GPX file updated.
Distance: 4.6ml (7.4km) - Total Ascent: 780ft (238m) - Total Descent: 1,835ft (559m) - Time: 1hr 53min
14 Barmouth to Maentwrog CambWaySect14.gpx 13/08/2017
Main Route. This is a very demanding route and takes far longer than the mileage would suggest because of the difficult terrain, so few people can walk it in one day. Accommodation is scarce, generally involving a long detour west from Bwlch Drws Ardudwy - see guidebook for suggestions. The latest modification to the file results from recent evaluation of various routes on the ground. There are numerous alternatives, but this is one that avoids too many steep scrambles, though the difficult terrain makes some scrambling unavoidable. Minor corrections to route and to emphasise which side of wall to take towards Diffwys 13/08/2017.
Distance: 24.6ml (39.6km) - Total Ascent: 8,345ft (2,544m) - Total Descent: 8,345ft (2,545m) - Time: 12hr 12min
14X Barmouth to Bwlch Drws-Ardudwy CambWaySect14X.gpx 13/08/2017
First Part of Section 14 for GPS limited to 250 waypoints.
Distance: 11.0ml (17.7km) - Total Ascent: 4,140ft (1,262m) - Total Descent: 3,155ft (962m) - Time: 5hr 40min
14Y Bwlch Drws-Ardudwy to Maentwrog CambWaySect14Y.gpx 13/08/2017
Second Part of Section 14 for GPS limited to 250 waypoints.
Distance: 13.6ml (21.4km) - Total Ascent: 3,985ft (1,214m) - Total Descent: 4,960ft (1,512m) - Time: 6hr 25min
14A Rhinog Alternatives CambWaySect14A.gpx 28/09/2012
Alternative bad weather routes. These are provided through concerns about mountain safely in bad weather, allowing the most difficult parts of either half of the walk to be bypassed. Taking either of these involves missing a checkpoint.
Distance: 12.1ml (19.4km) - Total Ascent: 1,175ft (358m) - Total Descent: 2,700ft (822m) - Time: 4hr 35min
14B Trawsfynydd Variant CambWaySect14B.gpx 28/09/2012
Alternative route for accommodation
Distance: 6.0ml (9.7km) - Total Ascent: 355ft (108m) - Total Descent: 495ft (151m) - Time: 2hr 10min
15 Maentwrog to Beddgelert CambWaySect15.gpx 13/08/2017
Main Route. A few sections of the route are not clearly defined, but there are paths most of the way. Attemt to clarify route from Llyn Cwm-corsiog to ridge leading to Cnicht (still unclear in places).
Distance: 13.8ml (22.2km) - Total Ascent: 4,335ft (1,321m) - Total Descent: 4,235ft (1,291m) - Time: 6hr 40min
15A Bryn Gwynant Hostel Variant CambWaySect15A.gpx 13/08/2017
Alternative route for Youth Hostel only. This is seldom used, not easy to follow and obstructed in places, but has been updates as well as possible.
Distance: 5.1ml (8.2km) - Total Ascent: 360ft (110m) - Total Descent: 2,085ft (635m) - Time: 1hr 51min
16 Beddgelert to Pen y Pass CambWaySect16.gpx 25/08/2014
Main Route Some minor changes made to ascent of Snowdon 25/8/2014.
Distance: 10.8ml (17.3km) - Total Ascent: 3,890ft (1,176m) - Total Descent: 2,840ft (866m) - Time: 5hr 27min
17 Pen y Pass to Llyn Ogwen CambWaySect17.gpx 13/08/2017
Main Route. Parts of the route to Glyder Fawr are indistinct, but there is a path for most of the way. The rocky nature of the Glyderau means it is likely to take longer than the stated time. Minor corrections to route.
Distance: 5.6ml (9.0km) - Total Ascent: 2,530ft (771m) - Total Descent: 2,725ft (831m) - Time: 3hr 3min
18 Llyn Ogwen to Conwy CambWaySect18.gpx 13/08/2017
Main Route. This route is quite demanding, but is possible in one long day with the prospect of a rest at the end of the walk. Alternatively it can be broken with a detour to Rowen Youth Hostel. Updated route towards Sychnant Pass to match route intended in guidebook 08/06/2017.
Distance: 19.3ml (31.1km) - Total Ascent: 5,325ft (1,622m) - Total Descent: 6,250ft (1,905m) - Time: 8hr 59min
18X Llyn Ogwen to Bwlch y Ddeufaen CambWaySect18X.gpx 13/08/2017
First Part of Section 18 for GPS limited to 250 waypoints.
Distance: 11.5ml (18.6km) - Total Ascent: 3,845ft (1,171m) - Total Descent: 3,440ft (1,048m) - Time: 5hr 41min
18Y Bwlch y Ddeufaen to Conwy CambWaySect18Y.gpx 13/08/2017
Second Part of Section 18 for GPS limited to 250 waypoints.
Distance: 7.8ml (12.6km) - Total Ascent: 1,390ft (423m) - Total Descent: 2,720ft (829m) - Time: 3hr 15min
18A Rowen Hostel Variant CambWaySect18A.gpx13/08/2017
Alternative route for Youth Hostel. This is the return route to the hostel leaving the main route at the eastern end of the Tal y Fan ridge and rejoining on a lower route to the old quarry. Minor corrections to route.
To Hostel: Distance: 1.0ml (1.6km) - Total Ascent: 40ft (12m) - Total Descent: 1,095ft (334m) - Time: 21min
From Hostel: Distance: 1.1ml (1.8km) - Total Ascent: 709ft (216m) - Total Descent: 115ft (31m) - Time: 43min